Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How we've changed: a Clark update

While you were away, my kids grew up. I know. It's a surprise to me too. So before they graduate, here's the skinny on us...2015:


She is in the 7th grade this year. 12 years old.
Started volleyball. Agrees with my sentiments that she is so sore that she cannot sit down on the toilet or get back up without an assistance bar.
Has now moved on to basketball season. Her mom believes she will dunk this year.
She moved her room to the basement and loves having her own space.
Reads a ton.
Knows ahhhhlmost more music than her mom, but not quite/not ever.
Wears all my clothes. This frustrates her mom.
Wears a size 10 shoe in women's and therefore wears all my shoes as well. Sigh...
Wants to wear makeup. Steals my makeup.
Has the sweetest heart in the world.
Babysits her brother now for money.
Probably has more money than I do from babysitting.
Loves kids and will be the best camp counselor ever. 
Has stolen my heart now more than ever and I adore her......


5th grade this year. Newly 11 years old.
Fierce as ever, but will wear jeans now without full out war IF it is picture day or some other event that requires "dressing up".
Soccer is still her main gig. She lives and breathes it and I LOVE watching her play.
She can be found in the goalie box.
Her dad calls her, "The Viking Princess" due to her height + extreme blondeness.
She has grown at least 3 inches this year and is now 5-2.5. God save us.
She wears size 9.5 shoe in women's which means she and I also share Nikes. God save me.
She does NOT want to EVER wear makeup.
Works on soccer skills in the yard to youtube video instruction.
Is off the charts academically...smarty pants.
Just started the trumpet...even though I pictured her rocking the drum set or bass. But whatever.
Totally has taken on the role of mother hen to her little brother since he has started school. Helps him pick out his clothes, clean out his bag, wakes him up in the morning, makes his lunches....what am I doing here? I actually had to tell her it wasn't necessary to get up quite so early. But it really melts my heart seeing her love him the way she does.
Babysits at her own free will for a fraction of the price of her sister along with her sister but feels she does most of the work...
Has a great group of friends at school.
I love her.


Transitional Kindergarten this year. 5.5 years old and the .5 is really important to him. His mom would still like to swaddle him up in a blanket with a paci but this is neither possible nor worldly acceptable....
The same ball of fire as when he was born.
So much energy packed into one blonde headed kid, no one is quite sure what to do with it. We are unwelcome in most restaurants.
Loving his Transitional Kindergarten class.
Rides the school bus like a boss. (It has been his life long dream).
Loves his sisters and is very mad at them at the same time.
Wants to roll with the big dogs, but still needs a nap sometimes.
Recently told a hair stylist that he would like his hair "spiky, please, like a Mohawk. Dinosaur hair. I use gel."
Rides his bike a lot wearing a helmet with a spiky Mohawk on the top of the helmet.
Gets his shirt changed by his mom 49 times per day.
Gets his face wiped by his mom 49 times per day.
Has 4 songs that he wants sung to him at night by his mom before bed.
His favorite song is "Shut up and dance with me."
His second favorite song is "Drink it til it's gone" by the Nadas. I don't choose these things....but I don't disagree....
Loves life, loves everyone.
I love him.


Working at his same job like a boss. But he isn't the boss. That's ok.
Lifts weights on a weight machine I bought him for Father's Day in our shed. (Stud.)
Kills ALL spiders.
Best Dad ever.
Rides motorcycle to work on non-rainy/cold days.
Plays candy crush in free time.
Made all my garden dreams come true this year. 
Dreams of snow for his snowmobiles. (Nooooooooo...)
Loves me. I love him too.

My house is empty during the day so I'm learning who I am when it's quiet.
I like coffee, like always. I thought I'd try it black like a real adult, but I was only fooling myself. I still squirt Rediwhip in my mouth. 
The book Jesus Calling speaks to me every morning I remember to read it. I can't believe I am saved by grace because I am totally not worthy of it. But it starts my day right, so I read the kid version to my kids each day while they wait for the bus. Then they whip and nae nae until it arrives.
I love to hang clothes on the line.
I love the wind and the smell of grass.
I love the garden and eating its food.
I love my flowers and plants, my hammock, and Mt. Dew.
I've been running a lot because now I have time. And Rosie Posie goes with me.
I bought a real rug for my living room and I made my kids take a pledge to never eat or drink near it or their mom would cry, like really cry. They took the pledge and so far, have taken it quite serious.
I absolutely love my job in the NICU. Even though I am wrecked sometimes by the hours, not sleeping, and I look like I have been run over by a train, got up, and then I was hit by a second train....I really do love it. So I'm thankful for that. My coworkers are amazing, super smart, and funny. What more could you ask for? Cute babies to care for? Check.
I recently started guitar lessons from a local, extremely talented musician, who I affectionately call, Famous Jenny. I can't wait to sing and play for you in like, 60 years when I'm good at it. 

Life isn't perfect, not for me, most likely not for anyone. Most days, I spend thinking how incredibly far I am from perfect. But those things I wrote above are what I choose to see, what I hold on to. I'm thankful for them today and always.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever." Psalm 136:1

Monday, July 20, 2015

NEW series!

Well, I'm a plant nerd. #gardengeek

So this is my first post that you'll find throughout the summer/fall/HARVEST!!! that will be tagged with #stufffrommygarden along with a photo or two of the bounty. Because I take pictures of plants and vegetables and I need to put them somewhere. If for no one else but me and my mom (thanks Mom).....here we go:

Happy summer!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why he wasn't born on a gravel road

On this date five years ago, I had been in labor since 31 weeks. I was on a medication to stop it that made me feel horrible. I was hot. I was annoyed. I had been barfing forever. This wasn't my first go-round and I knew what to expect as I waddled into my 36 week appointment. Pee in the cup, be violated by a familiar stranger. Same old, same old. As I lay back in the stirrups though, contracting just like I had been for the last 5 weeks, she said the words that made me snap to attention:

"Um, you're six centimeters."

Six? Really. Seems not far from 10.

I sat up. "So, can I just swing on home and pick up a few things and grab my kids from daycare and set up the crib and stuff quick?"

Her: "Yeah, NO. I don't want to be the OB on the news that has the patient who delivers her baby on a gravel road somewhere outside of town."

I stared at her blankly.

Her: "That patient would be you....who delivers on a...gravel...ok...anyway...NO."


Me: "It'd only take a few minutes. I could also use a beverage."



Me: "I'll see you at the hospital."

I was admitted around 6 pm and Eli was born around 9:30 pm and he needed a little oxygen to help him breathe, but then he was right as rain. He had dark hair to start and a serious little face, which was the only time in his life that he was serious. And we loved him from the very start. Fiercely loved him. And I would like to thank all of you who love him too.


Happy 5th Birthday Eli! The world is so much brighter with you in it.